Transformation Livingstone  

Two fold objective:


Firstly:  To plant a contemporary community engaging Church


Secondly: To collaborate and mobilise all the Churches in the city towards ministering holistically and  incarnationally, and operating intentionally from a biblical worldview.  



ENGAGEMENT: We engage community by a collaborative gathering of local Churches encouraged to bridge the gap between the Church and the Community. by serving and loving their community.


EDUCATION:Education is the key to tackling unemployment and poverty. We teach a proven course that will equip people to identify practical solutions to the challenges facing their community. This course was developed by Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt, co-founders of the Disciple Nations Alliance, who have trained communities in more that 80 nations with incredible success. 


EMPOWERMENT: Rather than just provide financial assistance, we want to equip with the necessary resources and empower the community to be responsible and use their initiative to carry out the projects at hand. 

Why Zambia?

  • Despite the abundance of natural resources and the high literacy rates, about 64% of the total population of Zambia live below the poverty line. Prevalence of education is very hard to come by in Zambia so at the end of the day, children graduate from school with degrees but are unable to apply what they have learned to better their living conditions.Extreme poverty and hunger remain a top issue in Zambia today. Poverty is driving many children out of school. Most of these school dropouts end up on the streets of major cities and towns hawking, steeling, prostituting etc. Poverty and hunger levels continue to rise everyday in Zambia.Zambia remains one of the top 10 HV/AIDS killing zones in the world today with a high HIV/AIDS Adult Quality  rate of about 13.5%.




Finance Manager




Pastor Yoram Chulu



Nicholas Lucinda

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