Our Initial Visit to Livingstone

Having just returned from an exciting trip to Livingstone ,Zambia I cannot help but thank God for the incredible reception we received from the people, pastors and leaders we met during our visit. The visit was a fact-finding mission to determine the possibility of planting a Church.

While sitting at a café in the town centre I had an extraordinary experience. Without sounding super spiritual I felt caught up in the Spirit as God confirmed the direction we were taking was right and His willingness to do something significant in the town. I can honestly say it was a Spirit led, God directing visit to Livingstone as door after door opened up to us. We had great opportunities from a morning devotion with the Town Police Force, an opportunity to meet with the Town Mayor, speak at the ministers fraternal and share the Gospel over the radio waves.

Amazing Potential

The Potential to see Transformation in Livingstone is certainly a huge possibility; the town is ready and primed for a real move of God. Our original purpose to move to Livingstone from Perth was to plant a Church. However we discovered it is far larger, far more significant than just planting a Church. It’s seeing Transformation come to the city. I will go as far as saying the Transformation of Livingstone could be a catalyst for other towns in Zambia and surrounding Nations.

We Can Make a Difference.

All going well Judy and I will move to Zambia in January 2018. We would encourage you to prayerfully and financially support Transformation Livingstone. Let’s work together as participating partners. Have a look at our initiatives and projects. Perhaps you can help the people of Livingstone by taking on a project like organizing a container amongst your friends and filling it with clothes, bicycles and worth while household goods. Your efforts will make a difference to a country where unemployment is nearly 70%.

Pastor Josh and Tom from GraceLife Church Perth W/A

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