Relocating to Livingstone Zambia

Hi friends.

On behalf of Judy and myself, we're thrilled to share with you where and how we feel God is leading us... its certainly a time of great excitement and opportunity. This email is to inform you of God's next step for us and invite you to partner with us!

In 2018 we strongly feel to launch abroad onto the mission field and establish His Kingdom in the city of Livingstone, Zambia. (For those who don't know, Livingstone is home to the majestic Victoria Falls, the very region that Dr. David Livingstone entered into, to open up the heart of Africa to the gospel).In the midst of this unique and historically significant city, there is so much need. Unemployment is high. Alcoholism is high. Prostitution is high. Yet, we are convinced that God's hand is clearly on this city at this time... Why else would we do such a crazy thing!?

Our team clearly felt His grace on it all as we met and prayed with local leaders, pastors and city officials earlier this year.

Following this, our vision in Livingstone is two fold:

1) Plant a vibrant and soul-wining church that meets the practical and felt needs of the city.

2) Work with the local churches and businesses of the city to bring community transformation to Livingstone.We believe that God has given us a strategy for this city, and we believe that this very strategy is transferable to other cities. So, whilst we will be launching into Livingstone, we feel that this may just be the beginning of something even greater.

Is God stirring you to partner with us? I'm inviting all of my friends who's heart are moved to consider partnering with us in:

1) Prayer (the most critical component of this missions initiative) 2) Finances (Personal support, resourcing initiatives such local projects, feeding and training) 3) Boots on the ground (join us! short/long term mission trip to assist us in outreach, equipping and empowering the locals) Could this be a missions initiative that you or your church can connect with?

You can be part of the fulfilment of the dream and make a difference, join us in partnering and participating in bringing Transformation to the Zambian town of Livingstone.

We would love you to come and visit us while in Zambia it would an unforgettabe adventure.

I would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback or questions - we could even do it over a coffee :-)

If you'd like some more info, feel free to check out our links below:

Much love.

Patrick (and Judy) Humberstone


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