Arrival in Livingstone Zambia

Well, Judy and I have finally arrived in Livingstone after 3 weeks travel visiting family and friends on route. It's certainly been a challenge since we landed in Zambia. While in Lusaka the capital of Zambia we found ourselves cashless and unable to draw money due to problems with International money transfer. After a few days we had the situation sorted and we soon realised our dependency on money as we felt totally helpless.

We purchased a car and drove down to Livingstone, a six-hour drive from Lusaka on some of the worst roads I’ve travelled. On arrival in Livingstone we discovered that the house we were to stay in was not ready for us to occupy as we were led to believe. We spent a whole week cleaning, purchasing household content etc. The realization that we were in Africa (third world) soon sunk in and that we had to detach ourselves from western way of thinking. What the heck - this is Africa after all.

For those who are not aware of our intentions in Livingstone let me take the opportunity to summarize.

Two fold Objectives:

Firstly - Transformation Livingstone:

Our intentions are to work with all the churches, leaders and business people in the city encouraging them to be more proactive in dealing with poverty and all the issues relating to poverty.

The answer to many of the undeveloped countries is not to pour finances into the countries but to empower, educate and equip the locals to be more creative and proactive in breaking the poverty cycle and bring about societal transformation.

We want to initiate a number of works programs in beautifying the city, generating job opportunities, educating in business, agriculture, hygiene, family issues, etc.

We have the passion, drive and initiative to take this incredible mission on and make a difference. We believe we have workable, practical initiative to make this happen and bring societal transformation. We also believe this initiative is reproducible in other countries and communities with similar issues.

You can help in three ways.

Prayer: Pray for Judy and I that the grace and favor of God would be upon our endeavors.

2. Do a Missions Trip: If you feel you can contribute in someway to empower, be it a job skill, health, business, agriculture, education, leadership, hospitality, accountancy, music, mutli media a trade etc., we are prepared to facilitate a seminar in your particular field as long as it benefits the people and meets the criteria of our objectives. If you feel you just want to visit and observe what we are doing you’re more than welcome. During down time visit the mighty Zambezi River, view the specular Victoria Falls, not forgetting an opportunity to do a wild life safari. Judy and I will do what we can to make your time advantageous and worthwhile.

3. Financial Support: We appreciate your financial support. As you can appreciate every little bit counts.

Secondly - Plant a community engaging Church:

Under the covering of GraceLife Church Perth Western Australia we are planting a Church. GraceLife are supporting us financially in part. They’ve also put in place a Global missions team whose whole responsibility is to provide support for teams who are on the ground. This team has been amazing in assisting us in dealing with some of the challenges we’ve encountered. A big thankyou to team GraceLife.

A huge thankyou to all of our friends and supportes who pray and financially support us.

Love and Blessings

Patrick and Judy Humberstone

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