Launch of Transformation Livingstone

On Friday the 16th March we launched Transformation Livingstone an initiative to encourage the Churches of Livingstone to collaborate with each other in bringing about societal Transformation. There are so many desperate needs in the community as a direct result of unemployment. However before we can tackle these issues the Church the biggest constituency in Livingstone needs to come together for greater impact and influence demonstrating the love of God in serving the community.

Our first big initiative, "Love Livingstone" is an initiative to mobilise the whole Church to clean up the City and surrounding areas of all the terrible waste laying around Livingstone. Secondly we are introducing a Discipleship teaching designed to help the Church engage their communities in transforming ways. The Healing and flourishing of our nations begins with the Church. This teaching is revolutionary, purely Wholistic Gospel and transforming in every way. Thank you for your continual financial support which enables us to finance this initiative and the many projects we plan to carry out in the near future.

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