Princess of Monaco touched by the needs of the community

Judy and I have had a very interesting week but to explain the context of our week I will backtrack to a month ago:

My car had been in the garage for repairs and therefore we had to borrow transport. A season of challenges where everything seemed to be going wrong! It had been raining every day which made the already bad roads worse than ever. To add to our season of disappointment I so happened to get our borrowed car bogged in mud. Now in knee deep mud we were stranded, things couldn't be worse. Covered in mud from top to toe I suddenly get an unexpected phone call right out of blue from the Princess of Monaco who so happens to be my niece. We don't often hear from her but on this particular occasion she was in South Africa and wanting to make contact. The Princess informed us that she was flying into Livingstone to come and visit us that evening. Having had our car pulled out of the mud we found ourselves a few hours later having a beautiful meal with the Princess and her enterage at the 5 Star Royal Livingstone Hotel. One minute covered in mud the next dining with a Princess - who would have ever believed.

The Princess showed great interest in what we were doing in Livingstone so the following day we gave her a guided tour of some of the projects we wanted to initiate at the school and around the community. The Princess's attitude was one of absolute humility and compassion for the people we were working to help. The headmistress at the school couldn't believe the down to earth attitude of this beautiful Princess sitting across her desk.

Having spent two days with us the Princess and and her team boarded the private jet and gave Livingstone a low flying pass as she returned back to Monaco.

Three weeks later we received another visit, this time from the Princess's projects team who came to see how they could assist in some of our projects, A big thank you to this beautiful Princess who is using her blessed position to help those in need. Judy and I are now busily drafting out the project plans in order of priority and obtaining quotes etc. The Princess has specifically informed us that the locals need to take ownership, responsibility and initiative in the outworking of these projects so that long term sustainability is achieved.

Our whole trip to Livingstone has been one huge step of faith and still is, having stepped out of a paid Pastoral position of a great Church in Perth and then working in secular world for two years to save enough money to get us at least started here in Livingstone and not knowing how we were going to fund some of our projects, God has graciously shown favour and now we can initiate some of our programs to help these needy people and deal with the real issues brought about by unemployment and poverty.

We still require ongoing personal financial support for ourselves, our workers and the other projects that we want to initiate. Once again thanking you all for your prayer, support and encouragement. May you be blessed super abundantly.

We will send you an update of things accomplished and the projects we will beinitiating in the near future. Stay tuned.

Love Patrick and Judy.

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