TRANSFORMATION LIVINGSTONE "We need you to make it happen"

Hi to all our wonderful friends

The longer we’re here in Livingstone and the more we travel around the community the more saddened and heart broken we feel by what we see.

We see schools that are totally run down and under funded. Teachers who are working double shifts at their own expense trying desperately to meet the growing demands of education. Facilities, school furnishings, sports grounds are in a total state of disrepair. Water is at a premium and most of the schools are in desperate need boreholes. Poverty is the most profound challenge that Zambia faces today. It is a social crisis with the majority of people denied a minimum decent living standard. The gravity of the situation is such that more and more lives are being lost due to hunger, sickness and disease including HIV/AIDS. .

"Poverty is pain; it is like a disease.It attacks a person not only materially but also morally. It eats away one's dignity and drives one in total despair."

Our fourfold strategy:

EDUCATION: Education is the key to tackling unemployment and poverty. We teach a proven course that will equip people to identify practical solutions to the challenges facing their community. This course was developed by Darrow Miller and Bob Moffitt, co-founders of the Disciple Nations Alliance, who have trained communities in more that 80 nations with incredible success.

EXPLORE: Working with denominational and business leaders in the community we are encouraging greater involvement, responsibility and initiative by the leaders to explore opportunities to generate employment and deal with other serious issues in the community.

EMPOWERMENT: Rather than just provide financial assistance, we want to equip with the necessary resources and empower the community to be responsible and use their initiative to carry out the projects at hand.

ENGAGE: We engage community by a collaborative gathering of local Churches encouraged to bridge the gap between the Church and the Community. by serving and loving their community.



To educate and empower the locals. We are raising up facilitators who are able to take the Transformational Teachings into their communities armed with a computer and data projector. Our objective is to “Disciple a Nation” with a holistic Gospel message, which includes teaching on how to develop various projects that result in growing food produce and generating an income.

You can help by:

Donating a second hand computer or Donating funding for a data projector.

Supporting a teaching facilitator at $120 per month or whatever you can afford.


We need to sink boreholes so that the locals can grow crops. Land is not the problem; it’s making use of the land and to make good use of the land we need the water. We need water to establish fish farms so that our rivers are not depleted of fish. We need water to plant crops, vegetables, corn, potatoes etc. We need water for poultry farms, for eggs and meat. We need water! But to get to the water we need boreholes………..

Perhaps you, your Church, club or School could ADOPT A SCHOOL and assist them in a Borehole project.

A huge thank you to all those who do support Judy and I in our attempt to make a difference. Words cannot express our humble appreciation.

Love and Blessing

Patrick and Judy

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